Thursday, December 10, 2009

I've been a busy girl!

I know!  It's been a while since I posted, but I swear I have a really good excuse!  I've been working like mad to get my list of homemade gifts done!  And let me tell ya!  It's a LONG list!  

Ever since I started reading blogs (about a month or so ago), I have been keeping an idea book of things I'd like to make, or try.  It's ridiculous how many things are in there!  I've got a whole folder saved in my bookmarks of tutorials and ideas.  Well this year, I decided to put some of those ideas to work for me!

I'm sure none of you will be surprised when I tell you that this is a lean year.  I'm sure it is for a lot of people.  We have pared down the number of gifts we're giving the kids and I'm really excited.  We decided to do 4 main gifts for us.  Something they want, something the need, something to play with and something to read.  Then Santa will come, but he too is bringing less gifts.  I've also got a HUGE family, that I feel the need to get something for.  I am one of 5 kids, and while that's not that big of a deal, the fact that my youngest siblings are 10 and 5 is.  Parker and Lily are 10 months and 1 day shy of a year older than my youngest two, respectively.  It's so much fun to find things that I know they'll love and get them for them.  I feel like I'm spoiling them!  And since I didn't grow up near my sister and my brother and his wife are never having kids, I'm totally in "Auntie" mode with them!

So anyway!  I'm rambling!  We're doing handmade gifts for Christmas this year.  Not all handmade, I'm not there yet!  Maybe one day, but today is not that day!  In the meantime, I hit the idea book and found a few things that I wanted to make to give as gifts.

I'll start with this one!  I found this tutorial on So You Think You're Crafty a few weeks ago.  If you're not following this contest you really should be.  It's amazing the things these ladies come up with!  

This is a Cozy Car Caddy by Jill at Homemade By Jill.

Pardon the horrible cell phone pics!  I can't find the card for my camera!

Isn't this adorable!!  It unfolds and has it's own little road that Carter will be able to play with and will hopefully keep him occupied during church and in the car!

Here's a photo of it unfolded.

It hold 6 of his matchbox cars!  You can find the tutorial here.

Ok for my little sister, Lily, I made this scrap ribbon belt.  Ashley over at Lil Blue Boo has such great tutorials that I swear I feel like I can do anything she tells me to!  You can find this belt here.

By the way, Ashley is having a great giveaway right now where she is giving away 3LBS, yes you read that right, 3LBS of scrap ribbon from Strano Designs.  Oh yeah, I ordered my scrap ribbon from them at 11am last week and at 1:30pm I got an email that it had shipped.  It was on my doorstep by 10am the next morning!  Absolutely awesome!!!  

I got right to work on this for my step mom.  It matches the belt that I made for Lily!  How cute!

These pics really don't do these justice.  And since I can only get so much on my tiny little screen on my phone I didn't snap a pic of the whole thing!  But the tutorial, again, is here.

I'll be back later with some more projects I've been working on!

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  1. look at you with all the crafty things you are making!!!! ;) -V