Sunday, November 15, 2009

Adorable Wheat Pillow

When Brent and I were looking at wedding bands way back when, we decided on a set that were engraved with wheat on them.  I don't know why, but they were nice (read cheap) and ever since then we've tried to incorporate things into our home that also had the wheat pattern.  We ended up with a nice area rug from my mom that had wheat on it, and we (this weekend) acquired a very nice oak dining room table with a wheat pattern on the chairs.  So when the projects for So You Think You're Crafty for last week were revealed I was super excited!  If you look at Craft #5 - V and Co's Wheat Throw Pillows you will see why I HAD to make some!!

I ran to Walmart after church today and picked up 2 yards of Muslin and a roll of freezer paper.  I already had the spray paint I wanted to use, and that's all I needed!  It was super easy!

I haven't put the pillow together yet, because I'm waiting for the paint to dry completely but so far I am incredibly impressed!

Here is the link to V's tutorial:

And here are some pics of my wheat patterns:

The soon-to-be-throw pillow

My new dining room chairs:

My area rug:

And finally my wedding band:

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